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Since our inception, Fides Leadership Consulting has a goal to inspire a million leaders move towards a leadership journey and create their excellence.

Fides Leadership Consulting is a privately owned consulting firm who provides services in helping individuals to systematically grow in leadership, personally and professionally. By doing so, we help our clients grow their organization-capability and hit their business goals.


We believe that every individual has a tremendous potential to be a highly effective person, both in personal and professional live, if they are committed to go through a systematic leadership journey and move to a higher level.


We provide a proven, research-based methodology in developing leaders, combining with state-of-the-art technology, packaged in various options of services so our clients may gain the maximum benefit.

Meet the founders


FIDES’s Founders are  practitioners in Human Resources, who have gone through solid professional career-ladders from staff level to executive positions in different business industries.

We establish FIDES Leadership Consulting based on our guiding values:

  • Continuous improvement - We value that in life, there is always rooms for improvement in all aspects of an individual, and by keep growing, we can always be bigger than our difficulties and achieve excellence in life.

  • Focus on result -  We value that excellence always requires commitments, persistence and deliberate efforts. Learning from failures and the willingness to try again will always enable us to achieve what we want.  

  • Add value to society -  We value that greatness is measured from  what we give, instead of what we receive.  Being passionate to help others will always give double impact to those we help and to ourselves.

Johana Jonatan
President Director

Professionally developed within a multinational automotive company, Johana has more than 25 years of HR experience under her belt. Johana started and managed the HR department in her company before finally decided to leave and start FIDES.

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Hadi Martono
Director / Principal Consultant

Hadi has many experiences in many management functions from Engineering to Strategic Planning to Human resources as well as Consulting. With exposure to many different aspects of business, Hadi has a broad understanding of what a business needs to grow and succeed.

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