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What We Do

We help clients to identify potential talents, design a unique leadership journey program and accelerate the process for becoming effective leaders.


In Fides, we believe that excellence can only be achieved through synergizing multiple forces:

  • Leveraging the strengths of positive individuals,

  • Strategic alliances with world-class players

  • Network of HR professionals.

HR Consulting

Achieving business result will always require excellent people capabilities. So the first step every organization must consider is “do you have a people strategy that is inline with the business strategy?”, next , “have you translated your people strategy into an effective HR  Plan?”. Besides several others HR strategic initiatives, those two questions are the very basic questions that you must first overcome.


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Integrated Executive Search

Hiring an employee is the beginning of your roadmap in creating excellent organizational leadership.  The right employees will strengthen the winning  team, but hiring the  wrong ones will ruin the team, from the aspects of work quality, team synergy and day to day communication among team members. In FIDES, we understand about that critical importance, so we have developed proven methods that will ensure all candidates sent to our clients have the qualities required.


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Integrated Leaders Assessment

Leaders and top management of any organization need to identify the readiness level of their team members, so they can decide both operationally and strategically for leadership adequacy to deliver business results as well as future sustainability.  An effective assessment process will give abundant benefits to the organization, because it can provide more accurate information compared to other potential evaluation.



Leadership Journey Programs

Excellence is never an accident. In FIDES we believe this statement applies to every aspect of life. It applies to personal excellence as well as professional excellence. It is also valid for building business excellence.



Competency-based Workshop

Fides focuses its training and development programs in a more action and application oriented approach. We expect to see mindset change, competencies built and changes in positive behaviors from the participants when in the training programs.   We chose a methodology that will challenge participants’ way of thinking about the concept, introduce the latest research and findings, best practices in the industry and provide opportunities to practice the new skills in a workshop setting.



Public Competency Based Training

Fides Leadership Consulting provides public training on a big range of topics . All of our training are made to maximise the performance of each individual participants, where they will not only be introduced to a range of new information but also given many opportunities to practice it in a close to real world settings.


IT-based Strategic HR Solution

Managing Human Resource in any organization is so dynamic and challenging as never before. More and more managers realize the importance of putting people first before numbers.  Even employees are more aware that they want to be treated well, as they have more access to the internet and find how world class companies manage and develop the human assets.



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