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Integrated Leaders' Assessment


To ensure the reliability of our services for you, we have adopted an advanced methodology from Pacific Century Consulting Pte.Ltd., a company established by Alvin Lum Phd. (“Assessment Center” Pacific Century Consulting Pte Limited, 2005 ) and Rosalind Lim (a Senior IT expert) from Singapore.  PCC has developed a human potential testing and assessment with Information Technology.  The methodology is more customized to Asian culture, supported by strong research-based approach.

Our Services:

  • Standard Assessment for Supervisors

  • Standard Assessment for Managers

  • Standard Assessment for General Managers and Executives

  • User’s defined Behavior-based Assessment Process

  • Assessment feedback for managers and employees.


This Assessment is effective for:

  • Assessment for hiring professionals.

  • Assessment for evaluating competencies before designing a specific development program.

  • Assessment after a development program to evaluate the program effectiveness for the targeted employees.

  • Assessment for evaluating readiness for a promotion or job placement.

Current or Prospective Clients

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