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Leadership Journey Program


The interesting part of that statement is that we can deliberately design a roadmap for helping individuals to achieve excellence.  We call this process as Leadership Journey program.  We help designing the process for leadership development,  which include Individual Development Plan, in-house Trainings and Workshops, Apprentice program by Leading a Real Priority Project Assignment, Individual Coaching and Mentoring program. Of course, the biggest part is done by the person who is going through the process, demonstrating commitments and perseverance for achieving the expected leadership outcome.  So the Leadership Journey Program is an assessment using real projects (not just a simulation). 

Our Services:

  • Translating Business strategy into People Strategy to ensure alignment between the people and corporate goals.

  • Designing Development  Initiatives & Training Matrix vs People Competency

  • Developing a systematic Individual Development Plan system for your Talent Pool.

  • Developing a Specific Apprentice Program for Individual Leaders.

  • Preparing a mentoring program for Senior leaders.

  • Mentoring session for senior executives and owners.

Current or Prospective Clients

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