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IT-based Strategic HR Solution


As the implications, people in the  organization expects HR information to be more accurate and accessible at anytime.  Data about jobs, organization, employees, progress of performance, and development must be managed using the technology that will enable HR professionals do something more strategic with employees and line managers.

In response to that trend, FIDES anticipates the emerging needs by collaborating for strategic alliances with HR Information System companies and ensure our clients are able to focus on managing their HR Initiatives effectively.


IT Implementation for...

  • Integrated HR Information System (Integrated web-based HR management and Employee Self Service)

  • iPerformance Excellence (aligning Individual Performance Management to Corporate Performance Management)

  • Competency Profiler™ ( Web-based Job Competency profiling )

  • MoFit®(Web-based Motivational Fit profiling )

  • iSelect™ with web application (Web-based hiring process from job posting to competency-based approach selection)

  • iAssessment ( Acceleration of Behavior-based Assessment process by using web-based application, so the assessment will be more accurate and reports are ready in just one or two working days. - 3-Sixty Profiler®, iScorer™,  iAssess™, Simulation Scorer™)

  • iTeam effectiveness Assessment ( Web-based team Performance assessment, TAssess™ )

  • iTalent Excellence ( an integrated web-based talent management that allow Talent Management Committee and Managers manage the overall program, and also allow individual Talent works out an Individual Development Plan & Execution helped by their mentors, iTalent™)

Current or Prospective Clients

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