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HR Professional Services


Responding to the market needs, FIDES set up HR Professional Services which will provide Services as a shared-service.  You can have the quality of high quality HR professionals but you only have to pay just a fraction of the full time pros.  Our team will help you identify the problems in HR, set the priorities and work together with line managers from establishing the system, leading the implementation process and developing your people.  Due to the characteristic of the resources, this service is only available for clients who wants to develop a mid to long term contracts. (Short term contracts are more suitable for consulting services)


Our Services:

HR Corporate Service, plays a role as your HR strategic function that foresees your strategic needs in HR related issues and develops a systematic processes to make it happen.  This service does not include the payroll, benefit and other HR daily administration.  This service is suitable for small to medium enterprises.

Current or Prospective Clients

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